Rare but Affordable Wines
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Rare but Affordable Wines

Discover online resources for rare but affordable wines from auction sites to internet outlets and specialty sites that feature particular wines listed by region.

The classification of a vintage or rare wine varies from winery to winery or vineyard to vineyard. Some wineries or vineyards classify a vintage or rare wine based on the quality of the grape or weather conditions that produced the grape that was harvested a particular year. Some wines are classified as rare because of the type of wine that a winery produced that year, such as a special stock or blend that they don't traditionally carry. And others sometimes classify a wine based on the year it was bottled, especially if there are only a select number of bottles left available. There are also other factors including how long the bottle has been kept in cellars or fermenting in the barrel before being bottled. So not all vintage wines are classified based on a really old bottle. Some have been given the classification from 2007, 2008 or even up to this last year. It all depends on the particular circumstances of the process. Rare wines can mean many things and are not restricted to just one or two guidelines.

Across the globe are many rare varietals and blends of wine that are inexpensive and yet affordable for the every day person. Now, more than ever, it has become easier for people to not only research and find what they are looking for, but they are able to make a purchase without having to travel and visit a specialty or niche' store that carries it. As well, these wines have become available outside private tasting rooms and have reached the general public through many outlets such as the internet so that people can enjoy the uniqueness and quality of a particular vineyard or winery even if they live far away.

There are several types of distribution throughout the internet that people can access to purchase rare but affordable wines.One kind of distribution is through auctions. Many vineyards and wineries alike host auctions regularly to the general public, as well, offer terms and discounts for collectors and other companies to list their rarities with the auction host. This creates an interactive working relationship between sellers and buyers, and creates incentives for growth.

Another type of distribution is a traditional import website that features an "outlet" style inventory just for rare and vintage wines from all over the globe. This type of website offers variety for the consumer but also great prices because they work in volume through international exposure. One example is through a website called sokolin.com. Bottles dated as early as 1927 are available and prices range from an average of $30 per bottle on up.Sokolin features many varietals and blends from countries such as Argentina, Austria, Chile, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and the U.S. Another example is The Rare Wine Co. that can be found at rarewineco.com. Some bottles are featured as low as $15 although it ranges far up into the thousands, and there are selections available through multiple countries as well such as France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Australia and the U.S.

Another way in which these wines are listed online is through specific websites that feature just one particular region, winery, vineyard, varietal or blend. One example would be cedarviewwinery.com that has an extensive list of wines all from California which range in prices from $15 a bottle on up. Prices by the case are also available.

Most websites that provide a list of rare wines offer catalogs if they have a large stock of inventory and others will sometimes host special sales to liquidate their supply. The best way is to shop around and enjoy the experience, as well as sign up for newsletters that provide updates, tips and information for the consumer to make their buying experience a positive one.

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