Malbec Wine Pairing
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Malbec Wine Pairing

An introduction to Malbec wine pairing options and the types of foods that complement well.

Malbec wine varieties are by no means the most popular on the market. They are however growing in stature as wine critics of the world get used to their rich, intense flavors. A good Malbec can easily challenge the authority of the ever popular cabernet sauvignon, and at a fraction of the price as well.

A bit about the Malbec grape

The Malbec grape originated in the Bordeaux region of France but it is Argentina that produces most of the top quality wines in this category. The Malbec grape yields a fruity red wine that is full bodied and full of subtle hints, mostly of damson, plum and other dark skinned summer fruits.

Malbec wine pairing

The rich flavor of Malbec wine makes it a very versatile dinner wine, and consequently the Malbec wine pairing list is quite extensive. The most common Malbec wine pairing is with red meat dishes, but this is the norm when it comes to red wines. Traditional red meat dishes, and especially beef, and nearly always served with a good cabernet but Malbec wine has much the same effect on the taste buds.

Some celebrity chefs have recently started pairing Malbec wine with less familiar meats though, and the reported results have so far been quite positive. So if you fancy a change then you may want to try a good Malbec with venison, partridge or duck.

Because of its versatility, Malbec wine also pairs very well with spicy dishes. This means that lovers of Indian food, Cajun food and Mexican food should all consider substituting Malbec for their normal bottle of red wine. The fruitiness of the Malbec complements the spiciness of a meal very well – and it can also have the same dampening effect that a glass of cold water has when the spices get a bit too much.

Last but not least, Malbec wine also pairs well with most tomato-based Italian meals. Lasagna, spaghetti Bolognese and simple tomato pasta bakes are all enhanced through the richness of a good Malbec. In fact, when it comes to it, any dish that uses red meat as the base ingredient will pair well with a Malbec wine.

One of the best things about cooking however is that it gives you unlimited options. You can literally try whatever you want and if it doesn’t go well then you try something different next time. With this in mind it might be worth pairing Malbec wine with your own favorite red meat dish, and if it doesn’t pair well then try something else next time.

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