How to Make Cheap Easy Homemade Wine
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How to Make Cheap Easy Homemade Wine

Humans have been making wine for thousands of years; the earliest known wine making was in 7000 BCE. Wine making is an art, and fine wine is considered a thing of elegance. Today, wine lovers can make their own wine at home; they can buy wine kits from a wine store or make it themselves from scratch. Making a good tasting wine from scratch can be difficult or extremely easy, it depends on how it is done. Making homemade wine from fresh fruits can be difficult as fresh fruits have wild yeasts in them, which can throw off the yeast count in the wine. However, if store bought juice is used instead of fresh fruit, it is generally faster, cheaper and easier to make.

A good tasting wine can be made in as little as six weeks and can be made for about $2 a bottle, including the cost of the bottle.


  • One carboy - plastic or glass
  • An air lock
  • One pack of wine yeast (available at any wine making store)
  • About 4-6 pounds of white sugar (4 pounds for a drier wine, 6 pounds for a sweeter wine)
  • 6-10 cans of frozen juice (all one flavour)
  • Water

1. Make sure the carboy is clean of all soap residue and sterilized. To sterilize, pour boiling water into it.

2. Fill carboy 2/3 of the way with tap water and leave covered for 24 hours to distill water.

3. Fill a large pot with tap water and bring to rolling boil and add the white sugar and lightly boil until all the sugar has dissolved into the water. The sugar is dissolved when the water is clear.

4. Add sugar water to carboy of distilled water.

5. Add 6-10 cans of frozen juice into the carboy; stir thoroughly to blend.

6. Activate yeast by putting it in a bowl of warm water.

7. Once all the water in the carboy is room temperature add the yeast to the carboy.

8. Put the lid and airlock securely on the carboy and place in an out of thee way location for 6-10 weeks.

The wine is generally done when the air lock stops bubbling; however, it best to give it a small taste to ensure it tastes right. The longer the wine sits for, generally the stronger the alcohol content it will have; at the most, the wine will have 10% alcohol content. If needed, a yeast neutralizer can be added to the wine a day or two before bottling to ensure the yeast is inactive; if the yeast is active when the wine is bottled it may blow the corks.

Once the wine is done, it can be bottled. The bottles should be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before use. The wine needs to be filtered before going into bottles. A filtering machine can be rented from most wine making stores for an equable price or in a pinch, the wine can be filtered through a coffee filter. Once the wine is in the bottles, it should be corked and labelled. It is best to use glass bottles for bottling; however, if working with a limited budget and the wine is going to be consumed quickly it can be put in to washed out 2L pop bottles. Wine bottles can often be found free or for a discount price on classified ad sites.

Easy wine can be made using organic juice or any other type of juice; however, it is cheapest using cans of frozen juice. Frozen peach juice works very well, but grape, berry, cranberry and other types can also be used.

Making homemade wine using frozen juice will not produce an award winning wine; however, it will produce an enjoyable wine that is cheap enough that it can be shared freely.

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Comments (3)

Thank you very much for sharing.

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Actually, some of the best wine I have ever tried was homemade wine. ; )

I make it with canned peach juice and like it more than store bought wine and love that I get 30 bottles for about $20. :)